Coaching. Communication. Compassion.


Helping others find the paths that are best for what they want to find in their life, be it work, relationships, or purpose. We all come from places that inform the choices we make as we navigate both our work and personal lives. We each wear many hats.

I am trained as a life coach and to work with people who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).


My extensive communication skills are key to my purpose. Communications skills are of critical importance in coaching, because language is essential to mutual understanding. My extensive experience working in corporate communications continues as part of my portfolio. I offer strategic communications services, writing (of all kinds), training and more.


I try to live my life with an open heart and mind. I say I try because it is work and I do not always succeed. Judgment of the type that ascribes good or bad does not have a place in my work. We each have a story, and compassion is the way we understand each other’s story whether it is our lived reality or not.