What to expect in a coaching session

I always like to know what I’m getting into when I pay good money for something. So here’s what to expect from a coaching session with me.

Coaching is always about you. I am your guide to you discovering what you need.

You will bring to our session at least one area upon which you wish to work. What brought you to reading this article? What made you think coaching could help you? What concerns are you grappling with? What do you wish you could do differently?

I listen deeply, now and then perhaps asking for a pause for inquiry. I’ll repeat back to you what I’ve heard, at which time you can adjust any misperceptions. Then we settle on the topic for the session.

Next, we determine what success looks like for you from the work we will do today. For example, you may want to start a habit. Or become more intentional in your life. Or define a strategy to to deal with a work issue.

With the outcome in mind, actions will be developed by you that will work for you. This is key. I don’t tell you what to do. I help you uncover opportunities and obstacles. I hear what is important to you and I witness that back to you. I remind you to capture the feelings of past successes. I urge you to develop a strategy to help you remember and offer you support from me along the way, in the form of a text or email mid-week or whatever works best for you.

I’m not a licensed therapist or counselor. I’m a coach who is helping you find your way in whichever world you need help.